Indigenous diets can help fight modern illnesses, say health experts

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Traditional food consumed by rural communities contain nutrients that are lacking in high- and middle-income countries
The Guardian, February 3, 2014

Unprecedented levels of chronic non-communicable diseases are prompting calls to revert to the diets of our ancestors to regain lost nutrients.

It is believed that such a shift would help to improve society’s relationship with the Earth and restore human and environmental health.

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ancestral health and bioregional food sovereignty

We did it! Real Food and Resistance has evolved into Real Food Cascadia! This blog is fairly inactive, but be sure to check out the Real Food Cascadia website for information and conference video’s well into the future!

Míle Gaiscíoch


On the weekend of September 28, 2013, Bend, Oregon will be hosting Cascadia’s first bioregional food sovereignty convergence at the Cenrtal Oregon Locavore food education center and market.  This convergence is bringing together leading voices from the bioregion’s Indigenous food sovereignty movement along with ancestral health activists and working ecological restoration practitioners.  The purpose is to weave together the inextricable strands of human health and the health of the land base.  Throughout Cascadia, people are working to restore salmon and steelhead runs, heal grasslands from overgrazing, and localize food systems that are fully ecological and supportive of local economies and communities.

From the grasslands of the arid interior, to the abundant tidal pools of the rain forest coast, local inhabitants are working to restore whole watersheds with the intention of reviving the long-term food sovereignty of each place.  Cascadia has been home to some of the most diverse and abundant…

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Interview with Amanda Lickers on decolonization and opposition to Line 9

Out in Raven’s Bioregion it’s Salmon, Four-leggs, Roots, and Berries. Food Sovereignty!!!!

Unsettling America

Amanda Lickers is an anarchaqueer Onkwehon:we cis-woman. She belongs to the Turtle Clan of the Onondowaga nation, part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Focusing on combating ecocide, hating the police, and harvesting medicines, Amanda hopes to work towards dismantling all systems of oppression, slashing at their social, cultural and material infrastructures.

This interview focuses on decolonization and opposition to Line 9, including commentary on the Swamp Line 9 blockade, decolonizing resistance and cultural revitalization. Including the importance of growing and harvesting foods and medicines, as well as her focus on learning Kanien’keha – one of the strongest Haudenosaunee languages – as crucial activities for her as an Onkwehon:we, or Indigenous person. Including discussion on dismantling the structures of oppression, ways of engaging with decolonization, the Swamp Line 9 blockade and the growing mobilization against Line 9.

With a selected bibliography on decolonization at the end!

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Tiocfaidh ár lá!!!!!!!!

Tree Oathe - Fresh Ancients of Cascadia & Beyond....

4 Bald Eagles - Winter on the NChi'Wana at Lone Pine in Lieu Site - (Below Celilo Falls at the Dalles)

We remember a time at LaPush with the Quileute when a dream called the people together. Helen Harrison, one of the traditional grandmothers living with the old ways at the time, had a dream. In her dream a circle of praying people gathered at the stream on 1st beach to pray for the waters.

She listened. That day she called all the people she knew to be praying people – people from many different faiths and invited them to circle that same day at the place in her dream. People who carried the ancient ways and people who carried the new ways came together out of her pure heartedness – people who had never worked together before. The autumn rain and wind were strong as we gathered and struggled to keep a light burning in the elements together. She shared her dream, the different lights we each carried and the…

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No Flags Cascadia

Many years ago, members of Pacific Northwest tribes subsisted on a wide diversity of foods from the sea and land. More than 300 fish, shellfish, greens and berries graced their seasonal menus and shaped their cultural lifeways.

“The foods that were eaten here were a huge pillar of our culture,” says Valerie Segrest, a Muckleshoot tribal member and a Native nutrition educator at Northwest Indian College. “They’d follow the huckleberries. Twenty varieties grew from the seashore to the higher elevations; they would follow them as they ripened.”

Today, such a life has become virtually impossible. “First of all,” Segrest notes, “there was a loss of land and a loss of rights. There is the issue of environment toxins now, the cultural oppression around harvesting food, invasive species that have come into our environment and changed it. There’s a lack of time. Now in our modern world people have jobs…

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Real Food Cascadia: An Ancestral Health and Bioregional Food Sovereignty Convergence

We are planning a significant bioregional gathering for 2013, in the spirit of resistance evolving into autonomy, called Real Food Cascadia.  The plan is to bring together folks from all three corners of the bioregion to share and inspire each other towards restoring ecological resiliency in our home places.  Our goal is to unleash the radical imagination and root ourselves in the emerging confluence of Ancestral Health, Indigenous Food Sovereignty, and Cascadian Bioregional momentum.

We are requesting participation from folks in each Cascadian ecoregion, to converge in the intermountain south (Bend, Oregon) for what we intend to make an annual convergence.  Next year we’ll converge up north!

please contact autonomycascadia(at)riseup(dot)net if you feel compelled to participate in any way.

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2012 Gathering August 19th, Tin Pan Theater 12pm – 4pm

This years gathering will feature Steven Hawley, one of the West’s foremost writers on dam removal and salmon restoration.  Salmon is pretty much the best real food ever.



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2011 Gathering @ Poet House in Bend, OR, October 29 & 30

It’s official, all events this year will be happening in downtown Bend, OR at The Poet House, 856 NW Bond St.  Click here for directions.  Here is the updated schedule.

Admission is free, but we still have some bills to pay, so here’s how to help…..

Buy food!  There will be food and refreshments available throughout the event, and proceeds will go towards compensating traveling speakers and renting our lovely venue.

Bring a sliding scale donation for the evening films, $5-10.  We’re all penny-pinching right now, but if you have a bit to spare, it will really help.

Check out this nice media bit!  Free Cascadia!  End the Occupation!  See you all at the barricades!

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It’s On! October 29 & 30

Hey Folks, all apologies for the lack of moving and shaking in the organizer camp lately, but I think we pulled it off.  Yes, financial crisis.  Yes, the comets are messing with my head.  Yes, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  It’s time to put Cascadia on the map of the falling sky.  I’ll have final information up in a few days, venue, schedule, and all.  Lack of promotion has been no small mishap, but the world is going to change in the next two weeks, so we’ll ride that wave.  Alas, you can’t cheat karma, or anything else anymore.

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Upcoming Benefit Events

Sunday August 7th; 9 PM at the Horned Hand in Bend (Colorado & Lava).

We will be showing The Coconut Revolution: a multi-award winning film about the indigenous people’s struggle in Bougainville Island.  The movement is described as “the world’s first successful eco-revolution.”

Please bring a donation ($3-5 suggested) as this is a benefit to pay for our venue, theater, & speakers for the conference.  The time to LOCALIZE is NOW!  Your support makes gatherings like this possible.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds, and it’s a good film so don’t miss it.

Stay tuned for more benefit events in the future!  Yes there will be dancing at this revolution!

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