Tiocfaidh ár lá!!!!!!!!

Tree Oathe - Fresh Ancients of Cascadia & Beyond....

4 Bald Eagles - Winter on the NChi'Wana at Lone Pine in Lieu Site - (Below Celilo Falls at the Dalles)

We remember a time at LaPush with the Quileute when a dream called the people together. Helen Harrison, one of the traditional grandmothers living with the old ways at the time, had a dream. In her dream a circle of praying people gathered at the stream on 1st beach to pray for the waters.

She listened. That day she called all the people she knew to be praying people – people from many different faiths and invited them to circle that same day at the place in her dream. People who carried the ancient ways and people who carried the new ways came together out of her pure heartedness – people who had never worked together before. The autumn rain and wind were strong as we gathered and struggled to keep a light burning in the elements together. She shared her dream, the different lights we each carried and the…

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I have already fired every round in my clip, but my heart is still loaded. I live in Raven's Bioregion. Díchoilíniú.
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