ancestral health and bioregional food sovereignty

We did it! Real Food and Resistance has evolved into Real Food Cascadia! This blog is fairly inactive, but be sure to check out the Real Food Cascadia website for information and conference video’s well into the future!

Míle Gaiscíoch


On the weekend of September 28, 2013, Bend, Oregon will be hosting Cascadia’s first bioregional food sovereignty convergence at the Cenrtal Oregon Locavore food education center and market.  This convergence is bringing together leading voices from the bioregion’s Indigenous food sovereignty movement along with ancestral health activists and working ecological restoration practitioners.  The purpose is to weave together the inextricable strands of human health and the health of the land base.  Throughout Cascadia, people are working to restore salmon and steelhead runs, heal grasslands from overgrazing, and localize food systems that are fully ecological and supportive of local economies and communities.

From the grasslands of the arid interior, to the abundant tidal pools of the rain forest coast, local inhabitants are working to restore whole watersheds with the intention of reviving the long-term food sovereignty of each place.  Cascadia has been home to some of the most diverse and abundant…

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